Please note: in order to combat the bookjacking of academic authors’ copyrighted materials, and to keep this marketplace a place where buyers can always be confident the book ordered is in the condition listed, only publishers (i.e. higher education publishers, book distributors, academic associations, etc…) may sell new books in the Part-Time Press Marketplace. Individuals who wish to resell new books should choose a different marketplace.

Sell your used books in an absolutely unique marketplace—where buyers shop for academic, scholarly and literary books. Pocket up to 80 percent of the money from each sale!


Start selling in 4 simple steps

1. Register as a seller, set up shop and list your used academic, scholarly and literary books for free. Individual sellers pocket 80 percent of the sale price and 100 percent of the shipping fee.

It’s free to register and list your books. Sellers only pay a commission to The Part-Time Press Marketplace after books sell. Amazon.com, Alibris and Abebooks charge book sellers monthly fees as high as $39, and take up to 65 percent of the money collected from book sales in the form of commissions and fees. Once a vendor account is created by registering, and approved, Part-Time Press Marketplace sellers may set up shop, begin listing and earning cash from selling used books. You list your books via the Web. As a marketplace seller, it is your responsibility to ensure that book traits such as condition and edition, are properly noted and maintained with all titles you list.

  • Part-Time Press Marketplace individual sellers keep 80 percent of the money earned from used book sales and 100 percent of the money collected for shipping.

2. Receive book orders and sell books

Sell one used book, or go through your personal library and sell 50 used books: The Part-Time Press Marketplace allows vendors both large and small to sell used scholarly, academic and literary books. Vendors have total control over their listings and can track sales 24/7. There is never a listing fee.

3. Package and ship your books

The Part-Time Press Marketplace allows vendors both large and small to charge and recoup shipping costs. We have the most generous shipping credit policy in the industry. We give you 100% of what we collect. Shipping starts at $4.00 for the standard shipping of one book and $1.25 for each additional two (2) books shipped.

4. Receive payments

We process payments with PayPal, a secure, external payment platform that allows vendors to process transactions with a variety of payment methods, including credit cards. We also allow buyers to use their own credit cards, and those payments are processed securely through Authorize.net. Vendors never see, and The Part-Time Press Marketplace never stores, customers’ payment information. Funds from vendor sales in The Part-Time Press Marketplace will be deposited into the PayPal account associated with your vendor account.

We have a vendor tutorial page, complete with videos, to help you get started. Check it out!

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