Please note: The Part-Time Press Marketplace is operated by the Part-Time Press, an independent, international higher education book publisher.

This marketplace provides a simple solution to a thorny problem for academic book publishers. In 2017, Amazon.com changed the way it sells books and opened the door to third-party sellers who now sell publishers’ used books as new. Abebooks, also owned by Amazon.com, permits third-party sellers to sell publishers’ used books as “new.” In June 2019, the New York Times published an article about Amazon.com’s problem with (and huge profits from) counterfeit books. As a result, academic publishers and academic authors are being deprived of millions of dollars in income and royalties each year. This is why in The Part-Time Press Marketplace, only publishers and reputable, approved distributors may sell new books.

Individual sellers are never permitted to resell new books in The Part-Time Press Marketplace.

Sell your books in an absolutely unique marketplace—where academic and scholarly buyers shop for academic, scholarly and literary books. Pocket up to 75 percent of the money from each sale and 100 Percent of the shipping fee collected!


Start selling in 4 simple steps

1. Register as a publisher or book distributor seller and list your academic, scholarly and literary books for sale. Publisher/distributor sellers pay no listing fees and pocket 75 percent of the sale price, plus shipping.

It’s free to register and list your books. Sellers only pay a commission to The Part-Time Press Marketplace after books sell. Amazon.com, Alibris and Abebooks charge publishers and distributor sellers listing fees, monthly fees as high as $39, and take up to 65 percent of the money collected from book sales in the form of commissions and fees. Once a vendor account is created and approved, Part-Time Press Marketplace sellers may set up shop, begin listing selling and shipping books. It’s an easy-to-use turnkey vendor platform.

  • Part-Time Press Marketplace publisher/book distributor sellers keep 75 percent of the money earned from used and new book sales and 100 percent of the shipping fee charged. Sell more books: publishers and distributors have the option of offering tiered bulk discounts on new and used titles. Offer your customers a discount when they purchase multiple copies of the same title, or even a discount when they purchases multiple titles.

2. Receive book orders and sell books

Pay no listing fees: The Part-Time Press Marketplace allows publishers and distributors both large and small to sell new and used scholarly, academic and literary books. Reach academic and scholarly book buyers, including non-tenured faculty, easily and conveniently! Sell through The Part-Time Press Marketplace, fulfill and ship orders directly from your own warehouses.

3. Package and ship your books

The Part-Time Press Marketplace allows vendors both large and small to recoup shipping costs. All shipping costs collected from purchasers go to the vendor. Buyers pay a tiered-rate of $4.00 for shipping for a single book, plus $1.25 for every two (2) additional books purchased.

4. Receive payments

We process payments with PayPal and Authorize.net, external payment platforms that allow you to process transactions securely with a variety of payment methods, including credit cards. Funds from PayPal sales on The Part-Time Press Marketplace will be deposited into the PayPal account associated with your vendor account. Publishers and distributors may also elect to accept Purchase Orders from college and university customers. PO orders may be held until payment is made, or shipped and the PO customer invoiced as per the seller’s policies. Vendors and The Part-Time Press Marketplace never retain, see or have access to any customers’ credit card or PayPal account details.

Questions? Email us. We have a vendor tutorial page, complete with videos, to help you get started. Check it out!

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